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Black Jack Neoprene SuperflashHigh Performance Elastmeric Flashing Cement

Black Jack Neoprene Superflash
High Performance Elastmeric Flashing Cement

Neoprene flashing cement is a unique professional elastomeric flashing and repair product that cures to a long lasting rubber membrane. This product remains flexible through extreme temperature ranges.

It’s non-sag properties and it’s exceptional adhesion guarantees that Super-Flash is the ideal cement for sealing cracks, holes, and tears in built-up roofs (asphalt and tar) and modified bitumen single plys.

Super-Flash may also be used as a topical repair for EPDM rubber sheets.

It’s advantages include:

  • Remaining flexible and watertight for up to 20 years.

  • It is up to 50 times stronger that plastic roof cement

  • Elongation reaches 250%

  • It is elastomeric

Product Data Sheet

MSDS Sheet

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Acousti coat Textured Acoustical spray coating

Florok Acousti-coat is a heavy bodied rubber based coating, in which is suspended millions of “punkey” sand like particles.

It’s pleasing heavy texture, provides a rough matty coating capable of absorbing sound. It cushions and diffuses harsh noise and “bounce back” similar to conventional acoustical tile.

Acousti-coat was originally desgined for concrete ceiling which is often rough, pourus and contoured. It will seal and hide fine cracks, voids, blemishes and discolorations.

Acousti-coat may be sprayed on almost every type of ceiling surface, such as;

    • Prestressed concrete plank or builing members.
    • Plaster or sheet rock
    • Wood or accoustical tile
    • Metal Ceiling Decks

Acousti-coat has been used on many fine churches, restaurants, office buildings, gynasiums, class rooms, apartments, motels, swimming pool ceilings, etc.

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Crystal Stain Acrylic Masonry Stain

Crystal Stain is a translucent sealer containing acrylic copolymers of indentical nature to Crystal Clear; however, in addition it contains non-fading, inorganic oxide pigments, and ultrviolet stable colorants of sufficient strength and quantity to uniform concrete, masonry and brick color variations.

Crystal Stain will provide long lasting architectual color toning effect to concrete and masonry without giving the surface a painted look, or changing it’s texture or natural beauty.

Crystal Stain is designed to penetrate into the substrate. The acrylic resins chemically and physically lock into the masonry or concrete surface to become part of it, to form an exceptionally durable and effective moisture barrier to help prevent exterior dampness form entering the interior.

Crystal Stain will hide stains and discoloration caused by efflorescence and other natural defects and imperfections found in most concrete and masonry surfaces.

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Swim Coat Parlon Rubber Paint for Swimming Pools, Showers and Wet Areas

Swim Coat is a parlon based paint (chlorinated rubber), with modified epoxy resin.

Basic uses include swimming pools, pool decks, patios, shower stalls, locker rooms, and all other submerged,
wet or excessively damp areas.

It advantages include:


    • Excellent adhesion to concrete, metal, cement plaster stucco, cement based paint such as Thoroseal or Quickseal.
      Also, fiber glass and certain plastic surfaces.


    • Easy application by brush, roller or spray.


    • Bright colors that maintain their beautiful lustre for years.


    • Chemically resistant to alkali, strong cleaning and purifying agents required to maintain pool cleanliness.


    • Stain resistant. Dirt and scum scrub off easily.


    • Will not support growth of algae, mildew or mold.


    • No special primer needed. Merely thin first coat with SOX solvent. Apply second coat full strength.


Product Data Sheet

MSDS Sheet

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Non Metallic Grouting Compound

Florok non-metallic grout standard grade and High Fluidity grade are complex compounds composed fo selected silica sand conforming to Federal Specification SS-A-281, Portland Cement, hydraulic cement, pozzualonic plasticizing, water reducing, and shrinkage compensation agents.

When mixed with water they develop a positive expansion factor right from the time of placement, with no intermediate or final
shrinkage occurring. Expansion is mass expansion, and final volume filled is not effected by restraining, as with gas evolution or gas liberation type grouting materials, which eventually shrink during final set.

Florok non-metallic grout is applied by trowel or dry pack method. To be used for general grouting or repairs, wherever a very high early and final strength is required and where non shrink or non staining is an important factor.

Please contact us via phone, fax or email if your require further product data. Our customer service staff is ready to assist you.

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Quick Set Cement

Data on quick set cement has not yet been posted to our website.

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