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Thoroseal Cement Based Waterproofing for Concrete

Thoroseal modified with Acryl 60 and integral acrylic polymer emulsion admixture, diluted with clean,
potable water is used to fill, seal, waterproof and protect a variety of substrates including cast-in-place and precast concrete brick, common building and split-faced block, stucco, unglazed terra cotta, porous stone, gunite and other masonry substrates. It may be used on interior or exterior, above or below grade applications, such as mid, low and hi-rise buildings, parking garages, median barriers, bridges, water treatment plants, tunnels, silo exteriors, cooling towers, piers, retaining walls, locks, reservoirs, cisterns, basements, and foundations.

Thoroseal modified with Acryl 60 is used on vertical, overhead and non-traffic bearing horizontal surfaces where a waterproof, micro-porous seamless coating is required. It is highly resistant to standing water, hydrostatic pressure and wind driven rain and will not soften even when in prolonged contact with standing water.

It can be used on new construction or in restoration and renovation applications. Used as an alternative to mechanical finishing or rubbing of concrete, it provides a means to hide minor surface defects and blemishes in architectural concrete.

Thoroseals serves as and ideal base coat for our water based acrylic emulsion protective top coats such as Thorocoat, Thorosheen and Thorolastic.

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Thoroseal Cement Based Foundation Coating

Thoroseal foundation coating is a cement based coating for exterior below grade concrete and masonry specifically designed to waterproof the exterior surface of concrete and masonry below grade. Normally applied with THORO push broom or THOROSEAL 15.2 cm (6″) beaver brush, it can also be mixed with clean washed and applied as a superior waterproofing parge (trowel applied) coating. Thoroseal foundation coating in not intended as a decorative finish coat.

Thoroseal is used to waterproof foundations below grade or waterproof back coating between face brick and back-up units.

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Thoroseal Plaster Mix Cemetitious Waterproof Coating for Concrete Brick and Masonry

Thoroseal Plaster Mix is a cement based, polymer modified, waterproof, textured coating for concrete
and masonry surfaces. It bonds to the surface, fills and seals pores and small voids. It specifically formulated for application by plasterer’s type spray gun for trowel. Mixed with Acryl 60 and diluted with water, it produces a uniform, nonmetallic, coating of high density, compressive strength, and durability. It’s coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is nearly identical to concrete which allows it to remain completely bonded to the concrete throughout the full range of normal thermal cycling and weather conditions.

Thoroseal Plaster Mix waterproofs concrete block, cast-in-place or precast concrete, brick, natural stone and Portland cement scratch and brown. It can be used on interior or exterior surfaces either above of below grade. It will waterproof dams, reservoirs, tunnels, basements. cisterns and will resist hydrostatic pressure
from either the positive or negative side. It is suited for bridge and pier concrete to achieve, and maintain, an natural concrete color. It can be applied to vertical or overhead surfaces. It provides color and texture uniformity eliminating the need for costly hand rubbing or abrasive-wheel grinding.

Applied to hollow core or solid concrete masonry units, it will significantly reduce their sound transmission. It will also improve their resistance to heat gain/loss by keeping them dry and enabling them
to function as a thermal mass. It can be applied to fluted or split fluted, stri-face, split faced or rock faced concrete masonry units.

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Quickseal A Superior Base Paint for Exterior and Interior Masonry and Concrete

Quickseal is designed for use over Thoroseal, the extra finely ground cementitous Quickseal provides
a smooth finish coat and additional decorative protection.

Quickseal is used as cement based decorative coat over Thoroseal or where a cement based moisture proof finish is desired. As a damp-proof finish for swimming pools, over brick, concrete, block, stone, where waterproofing might be of secondary interest but masonry textures must be retained.

Adavantages include:

  • Whiter white, will not water spot.

  • Mineral ingredients assure long life.

  • Meets Federal Specification TT-P-21

  • Lasts longer than paints.

  • Can be applied by brush or spray.

  • Comes in eight decorative colors.

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Waterplug Water Stop Patching and Repair Mortar

Waterplug is a single component hydraulic cement based, fast setting, patching mortar that instantly stops running water or moisture seepage through holes or cracks in concrete or masonry walls. Easy to use, it requires no special equipment. It is a dry powder that, when mixed with clean potable water, sets in 3-5 minutes. Actual setting time depends on the temperatures of the powder, mixing water, ambient temperature and the affected surface.

Waterplug expands as it sets, under water, and under constant water pressure. Waterplug patches have exceptional strength and durability and will seal out water for the life of the structure. It contains no metallic aggregates or corrosive agents, will not shrink or oxidize, and is suitable for water immersion service when cured.

Waterplug stops running water for moisture seepage through non-moving static cracks and holes in above or below
grad, interior or exterior concrete or masonry walls. It is suitable for us in basements, foundations, retaining walls, elevator pits, wells, mines, tunnels, cofferdams, sewers, cisterns, concrete pipes and tanks. It seals cracks at the junction of floors and walls, construction faults in concrete, holes left by tie wires and separators, and concrete pipe bell end.

Waterplug also grouts and seals around pipes, conduits, and thru-wall penetrations, to hold them firmly in place. It can also be used to set and anchor bolts and fasteners in vertical applications.

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Thorite 400 Architectual Patching Mortar

Thorite 400 is a cement based , polymer modified, patching mortar available in a range of factory made, batch blended, standard and custom colors. It contains inorganic, alkali-resistant pigments with good resistance to weathering and fading. It is a fast setting mortar with low slump properties suitable for trowel applications to above grade, vertical, overhead or non traffic bearing, horizontal surfaces with using form work.

Thorite 400 modified with Acryl 60 diluted with water permanently bonds to properly perpared architectural concrete and masonry substrates to form durable, long lasting patches which are waterproof to wind-driven rain. Once fully cured, Thorite 400 patches will perform in above-grade, exterior exposures when subjected to either freeze-thaw attack or desert conditions.

Thorite 500 modified with Acryl 60 diluted with water can be used to patch cast-in-place or precast, steel-reinforced architectural concrete. It can be used on precast or tilt-up concrete panels, highway median barriers, curbing, sound barriers or retaining walls. Pearl gray blends well with architectural concrete to reduce or eliminate dark, unsightly patches and is easily topcoated with cement-based coatings, acrylic coatings or even clear, penetrating water repellents without causing a mottled or ghost image effect.

The integral color cannot be abraded or worn off. It can be used to patch honeycombs, form tie-wire holes, small spalls, surface irregularities and other minor surface defects caused by shallow freezing, impacts or planer irregularities dut to misaligned forms or inadequately consolidated concrete.

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Thorosheen Acrylic Emulsion Coating for Concrete Masonry and Stucco

Thorosheen is a water based, acrylic, film forming coating used on various substrates to provide long term
protection form the ingress of wind driven rain, fungus and mildew growth, and degraduation caused by acid rain
or mild alkalis (bases) when used in an approved system. It forms a tough , durable, smooth film capable of long term adhesionand weathering. It resists staining and dirt accumulations, is aggregate-free and is easily maintained. It adds protection from freeze thaw damage, has excellent resistance to natural sunlight and UV attack, and excellent color retention.

Thorosheen has a high rate of water vapor transmission which permits moisture in the substrate to escape without causing blistering, peeling, or flaking. it dries quickly and without objectional paint odors. It will perform in cold or hot seasonal temperature cycling with age embrittlement. It is unaffected by the alkalinity of new concrete, plaster, stucco or mortar substrates. In white or other colors, it provides much more reflectivity than uncoated concrete.

When cured Thorsheen has a very low VOC content and very low odor during application.

Thorosheen can be applied directly to new or aged concrete, Portland cement plaster, stucco, mortar, gunite, shotcrete, tilt-up panels, brick, concrete masonry units, or porous natrual stones. In can be used
above grade for interior or exterior surfaces and below grade for interior use.

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Acryl 60 Acrylic Polymer Liquid Internal Bonding Admixture

Acryl 60
Acrylic Polymer Liquid Internal Bonding Admixture

Acryl 60 is a one component, water-based, non-yellowing acrylic polymer emulsion, used as an internal
admixture for Portland cement mortars, plasters, stuccos and concrete mixes. It significantly
improves adhesion, cohesion, tensile, compressive and flexural strengths of cement based materials.
It will not re-emulsify when exposed to water and has excellent chemical and ultraviolet light resistance.

Acryl 60 is a milky white liquid having a viscosity slightly higher than water and possesses freeze/thaw stability through 6 cycles.

Acryl 60 should be added to cement based mixes of mortars, plasters, stuccos, and concrete to increase their
mechanical strength, and chemical resistance properties, as well as increase and improve workability, ahesion, freeze/thaw resistance and curing characteristics.

Acryl 60 will improve the bonding qualities of approved materials applied over dense concrete, plaster or masonsry.

Use Acryl 60 with product as Thoroseal, Thoroseal Foundation Coating, Thorite, Structurite, Roadpatch II, Thoropatch, Thoroseal Plaster Mix, and Thoro Stucco and with
pointing mortars such as Dry Joint to improve adhesion and cure.