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Remove pitch off of saw blades

Sap and Pine Pitch

Industrial Commercial accounts use our Fabulene to safely remove sap, pine pitch from industrial blades. Fabulene is a safe water based USDA approved cleaner  that strips off the sap and pine pitch without the use of toxic solvents or hazardous chemicals. For more info call 1-800-922-4623

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Pitch and sap removal from saw blades

Remove Pine Pitch easily with Fabulene

Remove pine pitch and sap from industrial and commercial saw blades without using a toxic, solvent base cleaners. Fabulene, which is a USDA approved water based cleaner cuts pitch in seconds and can be safely flushed down the drain with a water rinse.  Used by the lumber industry since 1950, Fabulene continues to meet the needs of the countries oldest and largest pine and lumber producers.

Effective and Economical:

Fabulene is a concentrated formula that can be sprayed on and scrubbed with blades in place or used in warm dip tanks.  Fabulene is non-flammable and non-explosive and does not have a strong or offensive smell.  Available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums & 275 gallon totes.  Large quantity and distribution pricing available.  Call 800-944-4623 or email



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Safety Solvent # 3 Non-Flammable-Low Odor-No-Halogen-or Ozone Depleting

Safety Solvent #3 was developed to replace ozone depleting solvents without Halogens. Safety Solvent # 3 evaporates very quickly and is non flammable, leaves no residue and does not have any offensive odor.  Safety Solvent # 3 removes grease, oil, adhesives, paint splatters, stampings, and can be used on electric motors without the fear of igniting. For more information on Safety solvent # 3 go to or or call one of our technical advisers at 1-800-922-4623.



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Fabulene US Burea of Engraving


Fabulene industrial cleaner is approved and used by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving to replace toxic solvent based cleaners for their plates. Manufactured by the Elegene Division of The Chargar Corporation, Fabulene was tested by MIT against 5 other nationally recognized cleaners. It came out as number one because it isn’t your typical household cleaner, but is a powerfull water based cleaner that performs like a solvent based cleaner. Fabulene has the highest ranking among cleaners because it also has USDA Rating of class A.  We are very proud that the Bureau chose Fabulene over the competition.

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Efflorescence Removal From Masonry Surfaces


One of the most stubborn stain to remove off masonry surfaces is efflorescence or commonly called salt deposits. Efflorescence is generally formed when masonry absorbs water and then when it wicks out, it leaves behind the soluble salts which are present in alkaline masonry surfaces. Sometimes this salt washes off easily with the next rain storm and other times it doesn’t wash off and starts to change from a soluble salt to an insoluble salt. Once efflorescence starts to become insoluble it becomes more and more difficult to remove.  Many will run down to the hardware store and purchase Muriatic acid which can work sometimes but Muriatic Acid has many drawbacks. Muriatic Acid is highly dangerous to work with, and it burns the finish from the masonry surface, corrodes metal framed windows, etches glass. Muriatic acid works great for etching concrete but it can destroy the finish from common bricks, colored concrete block, limestone, bluestone and many other types of masonry surfaces. Once the color is bleached out it will never match the surrounding surfaces. The Chargar Corportation manufactures a cleaner called AC-3. AC-3 does not contain any Muriatic Acid or Hydrochloric Acid which the chemical  name for Muriatic Acid. AC-3 is a safe and gentle cleaner which when used properly can remove efflorescence from masonry without destroying the natural appearance of the surface. AC-3 does not emit toxic vapors, or corrode metal surfaces or etch glass. Ac-3 is biodegradable and will remove efflorescence without the hazards associated with Muriatic Acid. For more information on AC-3 go to or call 1-800-922-4623

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Metal Lithography Oven Cleaner with anti rusting agents

A pre-blended solution that is applied to chain assemblies and metal wickets. Wicket Cleaner is a simple easy method of removing enamels from wickets. This product is applied to wickets and after waiting 15 minutes is removed with water or steam. Once the enamels are removed, wicket cleaner can be neutralized for easy disposal. A new product which goes along with wicket cleaner is the neutral X. This product contains anti rusting agents as well as neutralizing the wicket cleaner. Neutral X is simply applied to the wickets and then rinsed off with water. The Elgene Division of The Chargar Corporation manufactures these products in the USA with all American made ingredients. Elgene Division specializes in industrial grade cleaners. 1-800-922-4623 member of NMDA

Wicket Cleaner spec sheet

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Pitch on Saw Blades Fabulene for cleaning pine pitch

Fabulene is a water based cleaning compound which is USDA approved that cleans build up, pitch or, pine pitch from saw blades commonly found in the lumber industry. Fabulene eliminates the use of solvent based cleaners. Pine pitch is a very sticky material and in the past only dangerous solvents were used to remove it. Fabulene can be safely sewered and does not contain any carcinogens or harmfull chemicals. Fabulene is a premier product manufactured and distributed by The Chargar Corp. Elgene Division. If you have any questions on this product go to or call 1-800-922-4623

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AC 3 Cleaner all purpose acid cleaners

AC-3 is one of the safest and most effective all purpose acid cleaners on the market.
Compounded with a comparatively safe acid, strong detergent and solvents to provide a fast 3 way cleaning action.
Accidental splashing will not cause skin burns or discomfort, nor will it harmfully effect most masonry surfaces.

AC-3 Acid Cleaner has a pleasant clean odor and dispels no harmful or corrosive fumes.

AC-3 three way cleaning action will penetrate deeply into the surface and will dissolve, dislodge
and foam to the surface from easy removal of dirt, oil, grease and scum.

AC-3 Cleaner removes cement drippings and waste from new surfaces. It will also clean and renew old weathered and stained concrete and masonry buildings
and prepare the surface to receive weather proof treatment or paint.

AC-3 will remove efflorescence, dirt and rust stains from concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, slate, stone and porcelain bath fixtures.

AC-3 may also be used on metal surfaces to remove grease, dirt and oil. Cuts size coating and film. Brightens and cleans off oxidation. Etches and cleans concrete floors for painting.


Since AC-3 contains acid and other strong cleaning agents, it should be used with care. Protect eyes, skin and surrounding areas. User should make a test sample, allowing it to dry thoroughly to determine it’s suitability for job conditions and requirements.

Usage Directions

From most surfaces and job conditions AC-3 should be diluted with 1 to 10 parts of water. Always use the mildest solution that can do the job. Tough stains and hardened mortar may require full strength.

First dampen surface with water. Apply AC-3 at proper strength to surface and agitate or scrub with nylon or other acid resistant brush for 2 or 3 minutes
or until bubbling action stops. Rinse with clean water, agitate while rinsing. Do not do too large and area at one time, so that the loosened dirt may allowed to settle back or dry. Repeat cleaning operation on stubborn stains as required.

Allow all surfaces to dry before waxing, painting or sealing. Terrazzo must be waxed or sealed as soon as dry.

When clenaing walls start at the bottom and work upward. One gallon cleans approximately 300 sq. ft., depending on porosity and job conditions.

AC-3 Data NEW
MSDS Sheet

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700 Masonry Detergent Cleaner

New Masonry detergent 700 is a blend of organic and inorganic acids combined with special wetting
systems and inhibitors formulated for final cleandown of new masonry. 700 detergent effectively removes excess
mortar, job dirt, and normal job stains from brick, stone tile, exposed aggregate and other types of
new masonry construction not subject to metallic stains. It is safer to handle than Muriatic acid.

700 Detergent is formulated with special wetting agents and inhibitors which allow the product to remain on the porous masonry
for longer periods of time. This provides maximum efficiency in the cleaning solutions.

700 Detergent penetrates mortar smears fast, allowing a pressure rinse to remove them completely
with minimal scrubbing . Proper application of 700 detergent leaves the masonry surface clean and uniform with no acid
burning or streaking.

700 detergent is concentrated for ease in handling and shipping. Five gallons of 700 detergent
makes up to 40 gallons of cleaner.

700 Cleaner700 Cleaner pg2














MSDS Sheet

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Fabulene – Cleaner Degreaser USDA Approved Formula

Cleaner Degreaser Fabulene

USDA Approved Class A Cleaning and Degreasing Formula

A powerful cleaner degreaser, fireproof, non-toxic, non-explosive, water soluable and rust inhibitive degreasing and cleaning formula operating on a new chemistry of detergent action, providing quick, multi-purpose, economical industrial and institutional cleaning. Replaces dangerous solvents.

Fabulene penetrates, emulsifies and absorbs the toughest greases, oils, carbon, inks, waxes, dyes and industrial grime.

Fabulene has been safely used on metals, plastics, tile, wood, terazzo, porcelain, rubber and concrete.

Fabulene was tested by MIT and is used by the US Bureau of Engraving, it was tested against Simple-Green and 4 other national brands and it was found to be the best.

Always in stock! Many orders ship the same day. 

Available Quantities

  • Single Gallon
  • 5 Gallon Pails
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • 275 Gallon Totes


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