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Thorobond Liquid adhesive bonding agent

Construction Adhesives Thorobond is a surface applied water based, polyvinyl acetate (PVA) homopolymer emulsion for the adhesive bonding of new plaster, concrete and stucco to slightly damp or old dry concrete, stucco and plaster surfaces. It is tinted to facilitate visual coverage, is non-flammable and VOC compliant.
Once cured, it is resistant to alkali attack from cementitious and masonry materials.

Thorobond bonds new finish or base coat gypsum, cement mortars, acoustical or cement plasters to concrete, concrete block, cinder black, brick, stone masonry, concrete slabs, columns, beams, and stucco.

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Thio-Poxy Adhesive Bonds stronger than concrete

Construction Adhesives Thio-poxy adhesive was primarily developed to solve many of the patching and structural adhesion problems of permanent bonding of old to old or new to old concrete.
Laboratory and actual field test prove conclusively that Thio-Poxy Adhesive make a stronger bond than concrete.

The outstanding advantages of Thio-Poxy are it’s ability to withstand exposure to dampness, submersion in water, vibration, shock, expansion and contraction.

Thio-Poxy provides the Architect, Engineer and Contractor with a new tool for concrete construction and maintenance.

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Epoxy Adhesive 100 General and Highway specification

Epoxy Adhesive
General and Highway specification
Construction Adhesives Epoxy adhesive is available in a wide range of 100% solids, epoxy resins and Activator formulas. Supplied in properly proportioned units to be intermixed just prior to use.
They are primarily designed as a bonding agent to adhere new concrete to old surfaces; to rebond or weld structural units together; or as a matrix to be mixed with sand for patching, filling, grouting and general adhesive work.

When fully cured, the provide a ver tough, druable coating of high adhesive, cohesive, tensile and compression strength and are resistant to water, moisture and most chemicals.

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