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GC-2 Pecora – 2 part polysulfide rubber sealant

Caulks and Sealants GC-2 is intended for caulking joints that will be continuously submerged in liquids. Typical applications include swimming pools, fountains, cooling towers, fuel and chemical storage tanks, wastwater treatment and petrochemical plants.
GC-2 is not self leveling: thus it is excellent for sealing vertical joints and horizontal sloped joints.

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Pecora Primers

Selecting the correct primer for your caulking application is a vital part of achieving a long lasting, water and air tight bond when using Pecora caulking products.

P-75 – Masonry Primer for use with Dynatrol I, Dynatroll II and Dynatred

P-120 – Primer for non-porous surfaces for use with Dynatrol I, Dynatrol II, NR-200 and NR-201

P-150 Primer for Non-Staining applications of Dynatrol I or Dynatrol II

P-200 Primer for use with NR-200

Pecora P-75 Pecora P-120 P-150 Primer Pecora P-200

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Pecora 898NST- A Sanitary Mildew Resistant Silicone Sealant

Pecora 898NST is a single component, very low odor, neutral curing silicone sealant with excellent aesthetic characteristics in that it will not stain sensitive porous natural stones such as granite or marble.  Reduction in long term dirt pick up on sealant surface is also a feature of the Pecora NST line of silicone architectural grade sealants.  Pecora 898NST is expressly developed for those interior applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness, freedom from bacterial growth and an appearance complimentary to adjacent surfaces.

Pecora 898NST adheres extremely well to glass, plastics, ceramic tile, glazed pottery, natural or cultured marble porcelain, enamel, metals, painted wood, granite, limestone and other natural stones.


  •   Mold and mildew resistant even under prolonged hot and humid environments. It is unaffected by free steam and is non-corrosive to copper, brass or zinc alloys.
  • Non-staining formula: Can not stain natural stone such as marble and granite.  Does not include fluid that can migrate from joint and collect dirt that may promote mold and mildew growth.

Layout LayoutPecora 898 color chart


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Pecora AC-20 + Silicone – Non-Sag, Acrylic Latex Caulking Compound

AC-20 is a pure acrylic latex sealant for general purpose interior and exterior caulking in architectural applications where slight to moderate movement is anticipated.  Formulated with the highest quality ingredients including a silicone additive for greater adhesion and weather ability.  AC-20 is completely compatible with premium-grade latex and oil paints and will not stain adjacent surfaces.

AC-20 has superb color stability and resistance to ultraviolet rays, ozone and airborne contaminates.  It is mildew resistant and has United States Department of Agriculture acceptance for use in meat and poultry processing plants.  In addition to the substrates listed above, AC-20 is compatible with polystyrene, polyurethane, cork, foamed and fibrous glass and gypsum board.

AC-20 data pg 1 AC-20 data pg 2 AC-20 Color Chart

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Pecora Dyna Flex Security Sealant – Flexible Polyurethane Security Sealant

Dynaflex SC is a unique one part, non-sag, tamper resistant elastomeric STPU ( Silyl-terminated polyurethane) joint sealant with many of the strengths of two-component security sealants but with the user-friendly ease-of-application properties of a one-component sealant.  Dynaflex SC is designed to achieve high tensile and tear strengths, abrasion resistance and an average ultimate hardness of at least 55, yet still withstand 25% joint movement.  As a result, this rugged but flexible sealant is ideally suited for use in instructional and correctional complex security installations but performs equally well in other public buildings and facilities where ordinary sealants are easily damaged or torn out by idle tampering and acts of vandalism.

Layout 1 Layout 1

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Geocel 4500 Roof Bonding Sealant

Geocel 4500 Bonding Sealant is a premium Scypolymer one-component, proprietary, non-solvent bonding sealant specifically designed for roofing applications and systems.  The advanced technology of 4500 Sealant results in a product that immediately withstands ponding water while bonding to many common roofing substrates.


4500 ROOF Tech ft T 4500 ROOF Tech ft T 4500 EPDM.xlsxGeocel 4500 Roof Bonding Sealant

For more info go to:

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Pecora Dynatrol I-XL: Poly-Urethane Caulk and Sealant

Dynatrol 1 is a non-sag, moisture-curing general purpose sealant providing a durable rubber like seal which maintains and effective bond between materials of similar of dissimilar porosities, surface textures or expansion coefficients.

Dynatrol I-XL is designed for use in expansion and control joints, precast panels, tilts walls, copings, steps and risers, glazing, bedding panels, window and door perimeters and metal curtain walls.


DynaTrol I- data pg 1   DynaTrol I- data pg 2Dyna Trol I color chart

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Pecora Dynatrol II-XL: 2 part Urethane expansion joint

Dynatrol II is a general purpose non-sag elastomeric sealant that creates a tenacious bond and watertight seal between materials of similar or dissimilar surface textures, porosities or expansion coefficients.

Dynatrol II is designed for use in expansion joints in precast panels, tilt walls and curtain walls; bedding panels, steps and risers, coping joints, window and door perimeters, glazing and acoustical applications. It’s wide color range and low modulus make it highly effective in exterior insulated wall systems.


 25341_Pecora_DYNATROL_II.qxp25341_Pecora_DYNATROL_II.qxpDyna Trol II color chart

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Dynatred Urethane 2 part expansion joint for heavy traffic areas

Dynatred Urethane-
2 part expansion joint for heavy traffic areas

Dyantred is a chemically-curing, cold applied 40-plus Shore A hardness sealant that is ideal for sealing
joints in treads and risers, V-joints and control joints in stadiums, parking decks and ramps, walkways, industrial and warehouse
floors and other areas subjected to heavy foot and vehicular traffic.

Dynatred’s wide color range makes it a desirable sealant for decorative flooring, patios and pedestrian malls.

Dynatred is not self-leveling; thus it is excellent for horizontal joints where the slope may exceed one percent.

Dynatred has exceptional resistance to water submersion and because of this and its color flexibility, it is recommended
for use in swimming pools, fountains and reflecting pools.


100034_W10528C004  100034_W10528C004 Dyna Trol II color chartDynatred